Clean Record


Sometimes cases can be dismissed through taking classes, restitution, pre-trial diversion, lack of evidence, witness problems, legal arguments, or, if necessary, by being willing to go to trial and hold the prosecution to its burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Expunction or Order of Non-Disclosure

Looking backwards, is there any way to get this arrest off my record?

Generally speaking – an expunction is available if your case was never filed, if your case was dismissed, or if you successfully completed a Pre-Trial Diversion Program. It results in your files being destroyed – from the DA’s Office to the Police Department to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

An Order of Non-Disclosure is for someone who successfully completed Probation on Deferred Adjudication or certain convictions.   We can Petition the Court to ORDER your case to be removed from the public record.

These cases are highly specific – e-mail and we can start today!