The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles doesn’t require any special certifications, but to navigate the system correctly, you need someone with experience.

If you or someone you love has a BLUE WARRANT, you need to hire someone who knows how the revocation system works. I’ve handled dozens of parole revocation hearings over the years and I can help you.

If your loved one is approaching a parole application date, contact me as soon as possible for help putting together a parole packet.

Parole Packets

One of my favorite parts about practicing criminal law is to help families to prepare a Parole Packet. A Parole Packets are a great way for an incarcerated person to put their best foot forward. The Parole Board has certain criteria they use to judge whether to grant parole. A number of these criteria are static – there is nothing you can do to change the board’s mind about whether alcohol and drugs were a factor in the offense. But a solid plan for addressing drugs and alcohol upon release can be the difference in parole or waiting until the next review a year from now. E-mail today for a free consultation!

Blue Warrant

A “Blue Warrant” occurs when the Parole Office issues a warrant for your arrest because they think you violated your parole. There are very few circumstances where the Parole Office can withdraw a blue warrant and allow you to report to your revocation hearing by issuing a summons. Does this apply to you?

Most times, the parole revocation process can feel like a no-win situation. If you or your loved one is facing Revocation, let’s figure out what can be done. Be careful! Oftentimes parole revocation results in loss of street time – even past your maximum expiration date.

You do NOT want to fight this alone.