Judgement Free

I tell clients all the time – “I’m not your dad, I’m your lawyer”

I’m not here to tell you that you messed up, or that you are a drug addict. I’m not going to make you explain your criminal history, or answer for your mistakes. I CAN tell you how your case looks to the judge or a juror – and how we can make you look as good as possible. Sometimes, the facts are on our side, and all I have to do is present the evidence and wait for your NOT GUILTY verdict. Sometimes, a good fight is in order.

I’ve been on both sides of the criminal courtroom. I know how to help clients put their best foot forward. I can tell you what the Judge wants to hear when deciding on a punishment. I can tell you what a prosecutor wants to see before making a plea offer.

I’m not going to tell you that you need to change your life, or that you’re a bad person. I’m the lawyer that is going to get my clients in the best position possible to impress the judge, prosecutor, or even juror – to get the best results possible.