What to do while your case is pending

Andrew, is there something I can do while my case is pending? YES. I recently read an article recently written by Charlie Roadman, of which I will quote (extensively) here below. Mr. Roadman is a Defense attorney out of Austin, TX who has written about the subject of helping our clients improve.

“Here are three important steps toward encouraging your clients to achieve such accomplishments while the case is pending: 

The first step is making sure that each client knows that documented life improvements can affect the outcome of a misdemeanor case. There are no guarantees, but it is likely that at least some of the punishment can be reduced if we can prove to the prosecutor that the accused made some real progress toward an ambitious goal. 

The second step is to encourage (or help) the client identify an ambitious goal. It should impress the prosecutor while also helping the client: getting a GED, applying to college, finding a new job, improving their living situation, starting a business, etc. This strategy is effective because, in general, prosecutors will agree that people working toward an ambitious goal are less likely to be reckless in the future.

The third step is to describe how easy it is to document the progress that is made. Many clients don’t realize that screenshots, photos taken on their phone, receipts, and emails are often sufficient to convince a prosecutor that the progress is legitimate. In other words, the documents don’t have to be original, formal, or notarized in most cases. 

– https://www.voiceforthedefenseonline.com/inspire-your-clients-to-get-the-best-results/

Judgement Free

I tell clients all the time – “I’m not your dad, I’m your lawyer”

I’m not here to tell you that you messed up, or that you are a drug addict. I’m not going to make you explain your criminal history, or answer for your mistakes. I CAN tell you how your case looks to the judge or a juror – and how we can make you look as good as possible. Sometimes, the facts are on our side, and all I have to do is present the evidence and wait for your NOT GUILTY verdict. Sometimes, a good fight is in order.

I’ve been on both sides of the criminal courtroom. I know how to help clients put their best foot forward. I can tell you what the Judge wants to hear when deciding on a punishment. I can tell you what a prosecutor wants to see before making a plea offer.

I’m not going to tell you that you need to change your life, or that you’re a bad person. I’m the lawyer that is going to get my clients in the best position possible to impress the judge, prosecutor, or even juror – to get the best results possible.